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Expanding access to sexual and reproductive health in crises

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The IAWG ASRHR Sub-Working Group is pleased to announce our 2022/2023 young person co-chairs. After receiving more than 300 applications, the sub-working group’s selection committee, comprised of majority young people, finished its reviews and interviews to select four outstanding young people to serve the ASRHR Sub-Working Group over the next year. Descriptions of each of the young people selected are included below. Alex Mavuti and Liz Lum will serve together from July 2022 until January 2023, while Elezer Berhanu and Shukti Anantha will serve from January 2023 until July 2023. Thank you to everyone who applied and congratulations again to the four finalists.

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The spread of infectious diseases remains a global threat. When widely available treatments exist, the challenge becomes one of rapid policy intervention to treat and prevent further spread. This study addresses a highly treatable, sexually transmitted infection - syphilis - amid population displacements in the Venezuela-Colombia border region, most dramatically manifested in the rise of congenital syphilis among newborns. The findings show that, in addition to informational prevention campaigns and access to free treatment, small monetary incentives for individuals who struggle to meet basic necessities are an effective and low-cost strategy when compared to the costs of untreated syphilis, including perinatal morbidity and mortality secondary to gestational syphilis.

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Sexual and reproductive health is a core component of primary health care, but is often forgotten or ignored in humanitarian settings

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35 million of the 134 million people in need of humanitarian assistance are women and girls of reproductive age.