Sexual assault is a violation of basic human rights and a threat to public health in refugee and conflict affected settings, placing survivors at risk for unintended pregnancy, unsafe abortion, STIs, HIV, psychological trauma, and social stigma. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in collaboration with the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) designed an innovative user friendly multimedia training tool to build the capacity of health care providers to provide competent, compassionate, and confidential clinical care for sexual assault survivors (CCSAS) in low-resource settings.
The goal of this multimedia educational program is to improve clinical care for and general treatment of sexual assault survivors by providing medical instruction and encouraging competent, compassionate, confidential care. The training is not meant to teach basic medical information; it is a skills based training designed to help medical professionals and clinic staff better communicate with and serve survivors of sexual assault.
The CCSAS multimedia tool has been used in many countries all over the world, by (I)NGOs and government institutions and in conflict as well as post conflict settings.

Based on experiences, feed-back from partners and newest research, the facilitator’s guides were updated and revised and the CCSAS psychosocial tool kit was added in early 2014. Furthermore we are working on the Arabic version which will be available by the end of 2014.

In case of questions, feed-back or any issues related to the CCSAS training resources, please contact:
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